The Rainy Season Has Begun

Actually the rainy season in Tokyo was officially announced on May 29 this year.
And as usual, the minute they announce the start of the rainy season…it stops raining. Weird how that works. We’ve really had mostly sunny days since we hit rainy season. So sunny, in fact, that I already have quite the sun tan from just walking to and from work.
But it seems the rainy season is finally upon us. The forecast for this week is rain everyday…and as much as I love waking up to a sunny morning, I’m glad it’s raining.
Because the beautiful hydrangeas are in full bloom and nothing compliments them better than rain. And yes, this is just my opinion. But look how pretty they look with the raindrops!
Happy rainy season 😀

6 thoughts on “The Rainy Season Has Begun”

  1. So I'm not the only person in Tokyo who loves rainy season? There's another crazy woman?

    “The minute they announce the start of the rainy season, it stops raining.” Yes!

    “I already have quite the sun tan.” When am I going to persuade you that a parasol is the only option? :p

    PS: It's astonishing. It's rainy season with gloomy skies and not a ray of sunshine to be enjoyed. Yet I still see women with Darth Vader sun visors and elbow-length gloves. (@_@)


  2. Parasol? What is a parasol? *wink wink*

    Aren't those women crazy? Sadly though, they will probably get the last laugh because UV rays are stronger when it's cloudy than sunny. My skin is getting weaker, too. Used to be that I would just always get darker and never get burned or peal. But these days, after an afternoon under the sun, I get itchy where ever the sun touched. So I'm guessing I'm either allergic to my own sweat or the UV rays. Ugh…getting older sucks! I may soon need to get one of those D Vader sun visors ;D


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