The Vertical Horizon in Hong Kong

Isn’t this view amazing?
These photographs are a series called Vertical Horizon by French photographer, Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze. He captures the unbelievably tall buildings in Hong Kong beautifully!
I mean, we have our share of skyscrapers in Japan…but they are nothing compared to Hong Kong, which has even less space to build on. So they grow vertically. And also, they apparently don’t have earthquakes. Which is a very good thing because I saw a lot of buildings in Hong Kong that would never even get past the building permit stage here in Japan.
But they work over there and are amazing to see!

7 thoughts on “The Vertical Horizon in Hong Kong”

  1. I know how that is. People tell me my use of “we” is all over the place…family, Japanese, Asians, Americans, islanders, farmers, office workers, hula girls, etc.

    But no, I hadn't seen his page! So funny how my eyes play tricks on me. I liked the first rotating snakes. Reminded me of how I used to love the Magic Eye books! 😀


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