The Ginowan Seaside Park

People always assume that everyone goes to Okinawa for their beaches.
Truthfully, I have never stepped foot into the water during my trips to Okinawa. It may have something to do with the number of family and relatives we want to see while we’re here. Or because we’re there for certain occasions such as weddings or funerals. Or possibly due to the season we’re here.
But that doesn’t stop us from taking an afternoon walk by the beach!
This is part of the Ginowan Seaside Park (宜野湾海浜公園) and is a great place to walk around. There are also many benches and lawns so you can take a break or just sit to enjoy the view.
Despite the wind, there were actually quite a few people swimming in the water. There were also families who were doing BBQs. And of course, there were people like us who were just enjoying the weather (a bit cloudy, perfect for a walk outside!).
We’re definitely coming back here in the summer one of these days!

6 thoughts on “The Ginowan Seaside Park”

  1. That ocean! Oh, that ocean! PS: I have hay fever. I hear there's no hay fever in Okinawa. Is that a legitimate excuse to pack up and GO? As in NOW?


  2. Both north (Hokkaido) and south (Okinawa) are free of hayfever! I've had the pleasure to lived in both prefectures and it's the best! If there were more jobs I would definitely move there within a blink of an eye 😀


  3. That looks like a Hawaiian greeting on your wrist. Maybe we should call it a lei-celet.

    Those colors! of the sea. And the textures, and the shimmer from the sun over on the left. Then I realized that because of the pixelimitations of cameras in general what you saw there may have been even more beautiful. But even more than that I suppose the company you were with were nonpareil.

    I wanna go to Ginowan.

    Go on! I know you wanna go to Ginowan.


  4. Oh you're Oyagi-gyagu skills are as awesome as ever! ;D

    PS: You're right, no camera can capture the glorious view seen by eye!


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