The Crazy Wind

Just got word from Yamamoto
that the winds have been blowing something crazy.
Spring tends to do that.
But the sad thing is
it’s tearing up the greenhouses.
I don’t know if it’s because the greenhouses are
being built on land that was pretty much wiped out by the tsunami
so there aren’t very many trees or anything standing to block the wind.
Or maybe this is what happens every spring?
I’m not too sure since I’m still
a beginner when it comes to greenhouses.
The greenhouse we finished last weekend
has been damaged and the whole top part of the plastic
is apparently billowing in the wind right now.
So sad 😦
Spring is wonderful but maybe they can
tone down the wind a bit along the Tohoku shore?

4 thoughts on “The Crazy Wind”

  1. Yes, that would make repairs so much easier! I just hope that the greenhouses that are currently growing fruits or vegetables pulled through undamaged.


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