The Weekend in Miyagi – Day Two

The second day we were back at the paprika farm
we were at back in January (here and here).
I’ve been fascinated with these greenhouses lately.
They are so complex and brilliant.
It’s been educational being able to see first-hand how to built one.

This was the very last greenhouse to be built on his land.
And we were lucky enough to help him finish it.
We were all worried it would start to rain…until it started snowing.
This is the side part of the greenhouse that can be rolled up to let the air in.
Taking a break around the little bonfire…it was wet and cold all day.
At one point, it actually started to hail.
Rain, snow, and hail all in one morning…but we completed the last greenhouse.
We stopped by yesterday’s farm again to buy strawberries.
Took a group picture before we headed back home to Tokyo!

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