The Weekend in Miyagi – Day One

My trips to Miyagi are always quite sudden.
This time it was due to the fact that the
free highway toll for volunteer cars would end in March.
So we decided to go once more before it ended.
Spent the first day digging up weed the old-school way.
Often find seashells and things from the sea in the yard.
Playing with the farmer’s dog that gets bigger every time we see him.
This farmer grows strawberries…we got to eat some during our break 😀
We had these sweet little flowers back in Michigan, too!

Plum blossoms were just blooming while we were there!
We went by the local vinyard and I got to name one of the newly planted grape vines!

The new memorial  “Sennen-no-tou” that was built where the old grave was located.
It was built so the people a thousand years later will remember the tsunami.

It is located next to the grade school that is the only building standing in this area.
The onsen that we always come to at the end of the day…love this rotenburo.
The view from the outside bath…next time there will probably be more green leaves.
Perfect chilly night to have nabe for dinner…chatted the night away.

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