The Dried Persimmon

When I got home to my parent’s place
guess what I found hanging in the kitchen?
Dried persimmon!
My mom made it outside the kitchen window
and had brought it back inside since it was ready to eat.
It was so delicious!
I love dried persimmon!
Persimmon season is over now but
I’m going to have to try this next fall for sure.

Here’s how to make dried persimmon!
Hachiya Persimmon
(or any type of astringent persimmon)
Peal the persimmon
leaving a little around the stem.
Tie the string around the stem.
Make sure they are far enough apart
so they don’t touch each other when hanging.
Dip the persimmon in boiling hot water
for about 5 seconds to sterilize the persimmon.
Hang the persimmon outside.
Preferably somewhere that is airy
and gets plenty of sunlight.
If it rains, bring inside so it doesn’t mold.
After a week
when the outside skin is hard
massage the persimmon with your fingers.
This helps the persimmon not be sour.
Do this once or twice a week.
After 2-3 weeks
it should be ready to eat!

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