The Udon in Takamatsu

Daisuke and Kumi-san were nice enough to
come pick us up at the airport.
Not only that, they took us out to dinner, too!
Kagawa Prefecture is famous for their Sanuki Udon.
It’s my favorite type of udon.
They are thick and chewy.
So good.
You can find it all over Japan
but this was my first time in Kagawa Prefecture.
Look at the real thing, you guys!
Apparently, most udon shops in Kagawa
also serve oden, too.
And they eat it with miso sauce!
(tofu pictured above)
That was new.
And surprisingly good.
I am loving Kagawa Prefecture.
Thinking about coming through here every time
I come back to my parents place.
Thank you
Daisuke and Kumi-san!!!

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