The Tourist Day in Chicago

Starting off the day right.
(Tennyson knows what I like! haha)

Today was our day to do touristy stuff.
I love love love Chicago.
But I’ve never really done the touristy bit
so we headed out to shop, eat, and explore the city.

My first time at Millennium Park!
This place is great.
Because it has the Cloud Gate.
Best spot to take pictures ever.
(And trust me, we took hundreds!)

Isn’t this city gorgeous?
Maybe it’s because I work in real estate
but I love buildings and city skylines.
And this city has a ton of gorgeous buildings.

After walking around the city
we went back home so
Tennyson could get ready for his kickball game.

I thought it was going to be like
but we ended up at the beach!
Apparently their league does beach kickball!

Tennyson’s team didn’t win but
it was a close game.
And I had fun cheering them on 😀
After the game we met up with
Cesar and his coworkers.
At a Japanese restaurant.
Their servers were Thai…haha.

We had a fun day.
Can you tell from our expressions?

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