The Flight to Chicago

International flights are always really interesting.
Not that domestic flights in Japan aren’t.
But people are a lot more chatty on foreign flights.
On this flight from DC to Chicago
I got to sit next to a pilot in uniform.
He had just gotten off his shift in DC
and was heading home to Chicago for the weekend.
Always interesting meeting new people 😀

The flight was really short
and before I knew it
we were landing in O’hare
and Tennyson was outside waiting for me!

He was looking all handsome
because he came to pick me up after work.
Tennyson is the best.
He’s practically family the way
I can pretty much tell him anything.
Or maybe it’s just him.
I think he has that affect on a lot of people.
You know you can always count on him.

And I finally got to meet Remy!!!
Isn’t he so beautiful?
He’s the sweetest dog on earth.
And I don’t speak dog but…
I think he liked me, too.

When Cesar got back home
all three of us went to go get dinner.
Good ole American junk food!!!

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