That Wedding in DC

The reason I was in DC was because…
my best friend from grade school got married!!!
I was in the bridal party as one of her bridesmaids
which was amazing because we don’t do bridesmaids in Japan.

It was so much fun.
So great to see her get married to her love.

It was also literally a huge reunion
with friends and family who flew in for the wedding.
But I guess weddings are like that.
I can’t say it enough, it was a beautiful wedding!
More than anything though
I loved seeing how happy the bride and groom were.
Their love was radiant.

Can you believe we’ve been friends for over 20 years?
I love that even though we’ve all changed
our friendship has stayed the same.
And now our family has grown
to include husbands, too!
Wishing the bride and groom all the happiness in the world! xx

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