That Trip to DC

Landed in DC.
Yes, the capital of the United States.
It’s not really a popular destination among Japanese people.
Which was great because my flight wasn’t as crowded.
I’d been here once before when I was younger.
My family took a road trip from Michigan in the winter.
But I didn’t really remember much about it
so I was excited to be here.

DC is filled with old brick buildings and it was beautiful.
Also can we talk about the Smithsonian? Free museums are amazing!

My grade school friends were also in town
and we decided to go out to eat.
There are so many different types of cuisine to choose from here!
A taxi driver recommended an Ethiopian restauraunt
so we went there and it was delicious!
I had no idea what we were eating
but I loved it.
And weirdly, we were all vegetarian.
(I was thinking in my head…so American! haha)
We were so far from Michigan, and yet
we managed round up a handful of our grade school friends
for a night out in DC.
We had the best time!

Next…onto the real reason we were in DC 😀

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