That Walk Around Osaka

I came home to Osaka
and found my entire family down with the flu.
Actually my baby sister was okay.
But instead of a festive Christmas
we had a very low-key holiday this year.
It was actually kind of nice to just relax and take it slow.

After lazying around at home
I decided I needed to get out and explore a bit.
So my baby sister and I took the subway
into the city for some shopping!

That Evening at Ebisu Garden Place

We meet again.
I don’t even remember when we began this tradition
of meeting in front of the Baccarat chandelier at Ebisu Garden Place.
But it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions now 🙂

This year, the chandelier was made of 8,472 pieces of crystal and 250 lights.
No wonder it’s so bright…almost blinding!
Although we see each other at the tennis tournaments
everything is always so chaotic and busy.
It’s nice to get together like this to catch up over tea.
Especially before the holidays.
See you again next year in front of the chandelier! xx