That Sister Time in Osaka

The church in Osaka is beautiful.
Apparently it was built around the pipe organ.
I love the wood and lights!
After church, I took pictures with my baby sister.
She’s still into her fake glasses 😉

Because we only get to see each other once or twice a year
I try to soak up sister time when I have it.
She’ll be going to boarding school next year
which means even less sister time.
She’s growing up so fast.
Being so many years apart has its perks,
I can give her advice and of course buy her things.
But I wish we were all still living together.
I miss having everyone together.
I don’t get bonding time with her
as much as I did with my other sister growing up.
Hope she knows that I love her dearly
even though we’re miles apart most of the time.

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