The New Years Service

It was really nice starting off the year at church.
The new years service was really inspiring.
We always have a potluck
after the new years service at church.
A full on traditional new years dish would be
the Osechi-ryori, a bento box filled with various foods
that have some sort of meaning behind it, to bring in the luck.
But we usually do a semi-traditional new years potluck
with dishes like Nimono (boiled vegetables),
Zenzai (red bean soup with mochi),
and Ozoni (mochi soup). 

But we did include a couple of traditional foods
that are eaten to bring us luck or a better new year.

We had Konbu (rolled seaweed).
It’s similarity to the word Yorokobu, meaning Joy,
is considered to be a very good thing.

Also had Kuromame (black soy beans).
It symbolized health and is meant
to wish everyone a healthy new year.

Considering how much we all ate
I think we are going to have a fabulous new year 😀

Oh! And we also took family pictures
for our Nengajo (traditional new year postcards)!
It’s been great welcoming a new year with family!

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