The Anniversary Event at Kapital

My friend invited me to an event last weekend.
It was an anniversary event for KORA KAPDA
featuring food coordinator Yama Foods and
Satoko Kobiyama had a fabulous display of drinks and food
for everyone to enjoy through sight and taste. 
Flower drinks: Marigold+Orange Flower, Blue Mallow+Lemon, and  Rose+Hibiscus
Four different types of paste: Basil, Hummus, Beets, and Pumpkin
Everyone was eating crackers and veggies with the paste…yum!
It was kind of like picking veggies from a sesame garden.

I had a lot of fun just taking everything in at this event.
Pretty clothes and accessories on display.
Eating and learning about the food.
And of course, best of all…catching up with friends!
No better way to spend the afternoon!

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