The September Link Love

Happy September everyone!

Is it just me or does it feel like fall all of a sudden? Here I am wanting to cling onto summer for a bit longer and wearing a sundress and I step outside and it’s cardigan weather? WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. This is not the heat island Tokyo weather I’m used to and I feel a bit confused.

Well, enough about the weather. How are you? I hope you’ve had a great summer!

I had a really great summer actually, all surrounding the big family event of the year…my sister’s wedding! It was wonderfully joyous with a bit of chaos thrown in, which I think makes for the best parties. It was quite the Mountain Day (the day of their wedding was on a new Japanese holiday that was just established this year) for our family!

I would tell you all about it except my computer broke down (so long ago that I don’t even remember when…) and I am too lazy to write blog posts on my cellphone.

I could completely overcome this hurdle by just buying a new computer, but was all things in life, you sort of get used to not having something. I haven’t had a tv for over 5 years now and I don’t really miss it. The same thing is slowly happening with my computer, too.

One the one hand, I have more time to swim, read, or sleep when I would have previously just watched an episode of something on the computer. But on the other hand, I really want to catch up on watching all the Elementary episodes while organizing all my photos, especially for the blog. Blog posts are always a place for me to remember things by…so I really want to share photos from Germany and Kobe before I forget everything. And more importantly, apparently Sherlock Season 4 is set to begin in 2017 so I DEFINITELY need a new computer by then.

All this to say, I am enjoying my computer-less days while I can because it’s not something I can live without for long…but until then, my blog posts may be very sporadic.

But I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying this gradual shift from summer to fall! xx

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– Some days are totally like this.

– Amazing views.

– How many have you tried from this list?

This hashtag is everything.

– Who left an impression on you at the Olympics? (Me: Fu Yuanhui, Michelle Carter, Yusra Mardini and Saori Yoshida, to name a few)

3 thoughts on “The September Link Love”

  1. I agree, summer is way too short this year. Would love another month of 30+ weather.

    Your wedding holiday looked like fun. Seems more relaxing than my holiday. 😉

    Regarding the soft cream:
    Sake Kasu (Had this in Nada, Kobe. Was good!)
    Hokkaido Milk (Don't remember having this, but I must have, no? It is everywhere.)

    Beni-imo: Almost had this in Kawagoe, but ate too much for lunch and couldn't eat ice cream…
    Mikan: I can't believe I missed this one. Although I did have salt soft cream in the same area. 😉
    Soy Sauce: Had a chance last month on Shodoshima. After having a soy sauce flavoured beer, I really had no want to try it. Soy Sauce beer was just that bad.

    The hashtag isn't normal, no? If you have a good partner, you really wouldn't care if you did any of that. I have done that when not living alone. 😉 Although not with parents.

    Fu Yuanhui was great. Loved her personality.
    Yusra Mardini was definitely an inspiration.
    Saori Yoshida was a big heartbreak. I felt so bad for her but at the same time, she is still a legend in her sport.

    For myself, I would add Kei Nishikori's drop of the racket and yet still winning the point. The 4x100m Japan team was great and shows how much they train for it. Also, the Japanese badminton doubles and how they came back from 3 points to win. No Canadian points as I just didn't hear much from Canada in Japan. 😀


  2. It’s good to see you back on Blogger. I wasn’t too worried after I discovered that you were active on Instagram.

    Yes. The cardigan thing here also, especially at night; but what created the long, sad sigh for me as to the end of summer was that I would no longer be able to go barefoot 24/7.

    Your sister’s wedding! Wishing felicity and beneficence. But, being an unpleasant-to-be-with realist I think of that Ambrose Bierce quote; “Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.”

    So what has become of the bunk beds? Who ended up with them? They wouldn’t do to come home to after the honeymoon, and bunk beds for a single person would be like a slap to the face going to bed every night.

    The thing that always impresses me when my computers die is how little I miss what is lost. It’s nice to start over fresh. I don’t watch TV but I will watch Netflix videos (fewer commercials). Apart from a few documentaries the only movies I liked recently were by the Indian director Satyajit Ray.

    Swimming is said to be the best exercise but I recently saw this and this. Sounds good: excellent fitness in no more than 30 minutes a week (maybe only ten minutes, someone said, but no one would believe that, so…).

    Elementary! You should get together with Ru for a video night. You both work really close to each other actually. I mean, like 5 minutes on foot, max.



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