The Morning Hanami in Shinjuku

I know hanami season is over but I just couldn’t go on without sharing just a little.

It may just be my imagination but are there more sakura trees in Tokyo than never before? With a slightly hectic spring schedule, I had accepted that there wouldn’t be a proper hanami season for me this year. It may just be that the hanami gods felt bad for me but it seemed like every corner I turned, there was a burst of sakura waiting for me!

Like this massive tree that was trimmed to a T it almost looked like a pink square marshmallow from the front.

They say it’s bad luck to have a sakura tree in your yard, something to do with it feeding off human decay or attracting the dead. But others, like this house, say to hell with that and have gorgeous cherry blossoms above their roofs. Do you think it’s true?

As much as I love sakura, and even though I’m not really all that superstitious…just in case, I would love to be the next door neighbor 😉

Here are some photos:


4 thoughts on “The Morning Hanami in Shinjuku”

  1. Whoop whoop! You got your hanami season after all!

    I didn’t know about the cherry-tree-in-your-own-yard superstition. This house looks well enough. But at this place there do seem to be a few residences of the less than living. And giving greater verisimilitude to the superstition there is this movie. I laughed when you suggested that living next door could be a safer choice. But after that movie poster I might want to live around the corner.

    I have never seen a cherry hedge before. That is quite a sight. I hope the next time you pass by it isn’t a sprouting stump. Maybe that only happens to arches.


  2. After learning about that movie, I'm going to have to agree. Around the corner it is! I really love this specific cherry tree though. I'm hoping it doesn't end up like my favorite tree in Tokorozawa (it ended up being a stump) 😦


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