The March Link Love

Helloooooo March!

I was up in the mountains the last weekend of February and it was fantastic! Well, maybe not when I nearly cracked my kneecaps from my lack of snowboarding skills…but other than that? It was all good. And you know what, I hadn’t seen this much snow since my last snowboarding trip so I didn’t even mind wiping out in the snow!

Other than that it was pretty much work work work. But it’s that time of year and I don’t mind. The big presentation I mentioned last month went really well. Really really well. I am so relieved it’s over. But at the same time I hope this kind of challenge comes more often so that I can get used to it and it’s not such a big hurdle every time.

Are you excited for March?

It’s going to bring on the spring allergies in full force but that never gets me down. Because the world is finally alive and warm again! Everything is starting to bloom and I am loving it! Get your picnic blankets and drinks ready for hanami season!

Wishing you all a lovely start to spring! xx

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– How awesome is this?

– I want these words on my wall.

These earplugs are too cute.


Hmmm, is this not a thing already?

– Good advice.

Made me laugh.

– Ways to move past embarrassment.

– Which side of your brain is more dominant? (I use my brain equally: left 47% / right 53%!)

3 thoughts on “The March Link Love”

  1. I think I beat you on left brain right brain equality. 50/50… …

    And the stuck shiba, the one between a fence and wall is not stuck. Saw on TV that he can actually back out on his own. Thank you Japanese TV for solving that problem. 🙂

    PS: Congrats on the presentation.


  2. Whoa, that is perfectly half! I think that's pretty rare!

    I did not know the behind-the-scenes story about the shiba, kind of relieved to hear that actually. I miss Japanese TV sometimes…haha. I get a laugh over how they all seem to be smiling! Has Sox gotten stuck anywhere? 😉

    PS: Thank youuuuuuu!


  3. I think the 50/50 split is more to do with how I am feeling. Did other tests and I was more mathematical in thinking. Forgot which side it was.

    Sox? Nope. He has been put in places where he was stuck, but that was my fault. 😀


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