The Many Airports and Flights

When I think back on the holidays, the memories of Christmas morning, New Years sunrise, and good jolly time with family is what comes to mind.

But when I look at my photo library on my cellphone, I realized that there were just as many photos of my time at various airports and on flights. In the span of two weeks, I went through five different airports and (mostly slept through) six flights.

Despite my over ambitious flight schedule, I only missed one flight, which I think is pretty good for holiday travel. Then again, I am one of those people who likes airport security and only needs is a good book to keep me company. And maybe a bag of chex mix wouldn’t hurt.

I suspect my love of flights probably stems from the fact that I get motion sickness on most moving vehicles. All except airplanes. Thus flights are my safe haven. Kind of ironic, seeing as they are the only ones that provide you with a barf bag. But I get great views, time to read and sleep like a baby, all without turning green, so I’m happy!

What keeps you happy at airports and on flights?

My Detroit Airport layover…
This tunnel between the terminals was amaze-balls.
Intense colors changing to the beat of a holiday melody.
Catching up on reading at my gate.
You know what, I’ve heard horror stories but Delta wasn’t bad at all.
Someday I really want to explore Detroit.
Metro stations in DC remind me of batman and his cave.
One of my favorite airports, festive for the holidays.
Watching the guy throwing our luggage in the back while our plane gets ready.
Aisle seats aren’t too bad either.
God bless America, they feed you on every flight no matter how close your destination.
My layover at Detroit was short but it began to snow while we were boarding.
A slight delay to de-ice the aircraft…
Looking out the window and doodling during the delay.
Finally in the air, somewhere over Canada.
I can never get enough of this view. The world IS round!
Cotton candy pink clouds.
I did a lot of looking out the window, if you couldn’t tell.
Somewhere over Russia…looks pretty cold down there.
Well, equally cold up here, too.
Hello Chiba! Back in the motherland…a little too late to make my connecting flight.
Next day at Haneda, heading home to Ehime via Okayama airport.
Last flight of 2015.
Okayama station, where I get on the express train to Imabari.
The said express train, heading back to Okayama. Caught the 4:35am train…can you tell?
Okayama has the cutest packaging for its omiyage.
Waiting to board the airplane while watching Hakone Ekiden news…first flight of 2016.
The airplane landed in Haneda…and I headed straight to work to start the year!

3 thoughts on “The Many Airports and Flights”

  1. What keeps me happy at airports and flights? Beer. 😀

    I enjoy airports too, but I always get stressed out over making my flights. I never really relax until I'm at the gate or at least past security. Alas, no flights planned for this year, but I hope to go somewhere.


  2. LOL! Of course. Although for you, I don't think it's just airports and flights but pretty much anywhere!

    That sounds very stressful, I don't think many people miss flights. Don't worry so much! Flying domestically in Japan is especially easy because you only have to go past security 15 min beforehand. Easy peasy. I will be flying to Kobe for my sister's wedding in August but other than that, I have no flights planned at the moment either. Hopeful for a beach somewhere though 😀


  3. Yup, beer keeps me relaxed everywhere. I drink on trains, planes, but not in automobiles. Buses, yes. 😀

    Even though I have to be past security 15 minutes beforehand, I still worry. Sometimes something happens. I know I shouldn't worry so much, and I do everything I can, without drinking, to keep calm.

    August in Kobe will be nice. My friend got married there at Ninomiya Jinja (二宮神社) and had a reception at igrek in the Vega building next to Daimaru. Great place but barely made it out. We were drinking till almost 5am and had a good 2 hour nap or so before checking out of my hotel. Worst part was dragging the friend to a taxi and driving up to Shin-Kobe where he was staying to return him to his wife and kid around 3am or so. I'm sure you'll be the good girl and not drink much.

    Beach sounds wonderful. I'm hopeful my only flight will be to Takamatsu in autumn, but depends on if my place is running smoothly and I can take a holiday then or not.


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