The Reunion at D47 Shokudo

I love D47 Shokudo.

When my friend from university mentioned she was going to be in town with her husband (they were here on their honeymoon!), we decided to meet up in our old stomping ground, Shibuya. And for dinner, we settled on this restaurant.

It’s spacious and the menu is full of specialty dishes from all over Japan. D47 Shokudo focuses on utilizing local domestic products, which is always a plus.

It’s been ten years since we all graduated university and for M, who was an exchange student from San Diego, this was her first time coming back to Tokyo. It was interesting hearing about all the differences she noticed from back then. Like how the food portions are getting larger, or the massive amount of travelers.

We had a good laugh over old memories and had a great time getting to know her husband. It was a great way to end a really long week. Yay for mini reunions! 🙂

Here are some photos:

D47 SHOKUDO (d47 食堂)
Hikarie 8th floor, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
東京都渋谷区渋谷2-21-1 ヒカリエ8階
TEL: 03 6427 2303
HOURS: 11:30am-10:30pm

6 thoughts on “The Reunion at D47 Shokudo”

  1. Leave it to me to only spot the Shiga Kogen IPA your friend was drinking. Also looks like a Doppo beer too, but can't tell from the label.


  2. Looks like a great evening. When I was an exchange student myself I used to measure my life by the number of such evenings, eating and drinking in groups. Great night view.

    What was that a bowl of at the top? The one with the sliced carrots, noodles (looks like maybe soba, but you prefer udon), and all kinds of mushrooms? Yum.

    Ooh. Seibu Loft. I went to a couple movies across the street at Cine Palace. And used to buy discount movie tickets at what might be Diva now.


  3. It was Inaniwa Udon dish from Akita. It was a very healthy udon because the thin noodles make it easier to digest. I love Sanuki but it's definitely harder on the stomach 😉


  4. The bottle shape is not very common in Japan, but not sure of what companies use it. I need to research a bit more, but Oita… don't know any breweries there.

    Either way, looks like you had a great time!


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