The September Link Love

Hello there September! How are you here already?

I felt like I only just did the August post…then I realized that technically I really did just do the August post. I haven’t been blogging at all lately. I think it’s a mixture of having to go through a lot of photos and information on Istanbul, and just simply enjoying off-line life at the moment. It happens! 😀

It’s been pretty chilly outside lately. Summer is definitely over.

But one of the things I love about fall is that it’s the harvest season. My grocery shopping is somewhat out of control…everything just tastes so good. My baby sister will be staying with me this month until school starts so I’m going to use that as an excuse to cook and bake away. Ha.

I’ll also be heading home with my sisters during our Silver Week! Since we spent New Years in Okinawa this year, I haven’t seen my dad’s side of the family in Imabari for awhile now. So I’m really looking forward to going home and catching up with everyone.

I hope you’re enjoying the harvest season, too! xx

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– This personality test is so spot-on, it’s almost scary.

– I cannot wait to read Mindy Kaling’s new book.

Japanese words you need in your life.

– Made this and it was delicious. (evidence here)

– *snicker*

– Listened to this while cooking yesterday…so bizarre!

10 thoughts on “The September Link Love”

  1. It looks like you had been enjoying the Keio Plaza Hotel pool again. Ah, what a life! I am glad to see that they have at least one chair that would fit me and my long legs. Ha ha.

    So, what is your own Myers-Briggs personality type?

    There are a couple books I know that deal with this. Please Understand Me and Please Understand Me II. Actually I just noticed the second one. Got the first one a few decades ago. But, really, do you need more than what’s available online?

    Your beets look “unbeetable.”

    I had a great fresh beet juice at Whole Foods a few months ago. Something like beets, ginger, and lemon, and… I can’t remember. Celery? Apple? I love beet juice.


  2. This year, someone apparently decided that hotel pools are the new it place to be, there were so many people there. I guess the vast number of travelers in Tokyo may have contributed to this as well. Either way I wasn't able to go as often as last year because it was simply too crowded. But the last 15 minutes of the day are the best, everyone rushes to the showers while I leisurely swim laps 🙂

    My type was ISFJ this time. When I took it a few years ago I was an ESFJ. Did you take it?

    I make beet smoothies, too! I like to mix up veggies (with water) in the food processor, then freeze them into ice cubes so that it's easier to use in the morning. It works pretty well because you can store them for a longer time.


  3. The freezing-into-ice-cubes-so-everything-stays-fresh-longer-and-is-more-convenient process sounds great.

    I'm afraid I kinda get the idea about summer swimming pools in Tokyo. Too bad it is happening at your no-longer-so-secret spot. Living close to Shinjuku might make showering at home a possibility.

    I’m still INFP. I’ve seen us labelled Dreamer, Diplomat, Healer, Mediator, Creative Idealist… I wonder if what they are getting at is “Flaked-out Space Case.” I just saw this: “idealistic, humane, creative, quirky, and individualistic.” I am most proud that Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes is considered INFP.

    Ooh.Look at your most compatible type. Lucky you! ESFP.


  4. ISFJ. Not really what I thought. I think I'm a personality floater. I change depending on who I'm with ot my current situation. Only thing that usually doesn't change is the introverted side.

    Those things that should have killed kids… the cycling one was way too true. You should ask next time we go with Ru.


  5. ISFJ is the same as me! 😀

    I can imagine the horror stories of your youth but yes, I'll definitely remember to ask you next time we go on an expedition. I have a few up my sleeve as well.


  6. Have you heard of social styles? That is another style of “personality”. I use it all the time and social styles tend to change a lot for some people. Basically there are 4 basic types:

    Driving, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive

    Really interesting and useful in social situations if you know what to look for. Personality types, always had trouble with that one. Just too many combinations to understand. 🙂


  7. I don't think there is a real test for it. I know I am Analytical because I think too much, but I can also be driving, expressive, and amiable. It changes from who we meet and what situations we are in. Hence, “social style”. We do have a dominant style. I have an idea on what you would be but I'm not telling. I'll let you discover it on your own. 😉


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