The May Link Love

Someone stop the clock! Can you believe it’s May already?

Golden Week is already upon us and I have been so busy with life in general that I have absolutely no plans this year. Well, actually I guess I do…to not do anything!

Right now I feel like I could sleep for a week!

We had some glorious spring days in April and I’m hoping that trend will continue. The trees outside are so wonderfully green these days, it just makes me happy to my toes! I want to soak in all the fresh leaves while I can.

I remember one time up on the observatory deck of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, there were two visitors standing right by me. They were looking out across Tokyo and having a conversation like this:

                  boy:  Look at how all the buildings are jammed together.
                  girl:  I know, I feel sorry for the kids who have to grow up here.
                  boy:  Yeah, without any trees.
                  girl:  I could never live here.

I was totally eavesdropping, I know. But I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I almost butt into their conversation to say, “Um guys, it’s JANUARY! Of course there is no green anywhere…it’s WINTER!” But I didn’t. If they could see Tokyo now, right?

I hope you’re all enjoying the great weather outside! x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– When your punctuation says it all.

Why we travel in 1932.

– What’s the meaning behind airport IATA codes?

Could not agree more 😀 (and reading the above, need to work on it pronto!)

– Ever been bored at an airport?

– Formula of the Day: oil paint + watercolor > oil spill + ocean water

Soba takeout, anyone?

5 thoughts on “The May Link Love”

  1. When I first saw them in a forest of Nagano Prefecture I was completely stumped (pun not intended but noticed). But your top forest photo looks a lot like that place where I saw them, so your photo had me looking for them somewhere in the image: Shiitake logs.
    A tiny bit of information here toward the bottom.

    I used to see the most amazing balancing acts by food delivery persons on bicycles like in your soba link (not quite that extreme however. Close though). Are they a vanishing (vanished) breed?

    I don’t do twitter so your punctuation link had me going: *h*u*h* *!*

    Love the reasons for travel.


  2. My high school used to grow shiitake in the mountains as well. It's a really interesting process. You can actually grow them at home if you have the right climate!

    I haven't seen a delivery person on a bike. Ever, now that I think of it. The ones I've seen are always on mopeds or motorbikes!


  3. My first winter in Tokyo was really depressing. Living in Nishi-Shinjuku, and all the trees and bushes were bare, I couldn't help but be depressed by all the grey! Coming from Vancouver with our evergreens, and the green mountains, it is hard not to. I'm used to it now, but I still need green in my life during winter. I am a bit happier with the blue skies though, as in Vancouver it is a lot of grey skies.

    A small note on Canadian airport codes, most of them start with Y. The ones that don't are generally newer ones, or I guess it was taken already. This was mainly because we had 2 letter codes before so when we switched (internationally) to 3, Canada was lazy and just added Y. At least I think we were just lazy. 🙂

    YVR is VancouveR with a Y. Actually, most people don't even say Vancouver Airport or something like that. We almost all say YVR. Kind of how Narita used be officially called “New Tokyo Airport” but now it is just “Narita”.


  4. I agree completely, winter in Tokyo is quite depressing. Probably more so coming from Vancouver. I just miss the snow, which has the affect of sunlight in the winter making everything brighter. My constant complaint is: Give me snow or stop being cold! 😀

    I was really curious why Vancouver was YVR! It seems like a lot of the airports in North America went with that “just add a random letter” when the codes changed to 3 letters. I think LAX is one of them, just added the X to make it 3 letters.

    Which reminds me of something completely off topic but when I was working in my previous department, a contact from another company was a Japanese male but his email address made it seem like he had a middle name that started with X (i.e. name.x.lastname@emailaddress). My coworkers and I were thinking, is he half foreign or born in another country? Is it Xavier or Xandar? There were so many questions…but then when I asked him about it one day, it ended up being that X is what people who don't have middle names use! So it ended up being nothing but we all had a good laugh over it!

    Okay wow, that was really off topic but whatever! 😀


  5. Yes, snow or no cold! Although I prefer cold and sunny over the cold and rainy of Vancouver.

    Yup. LAX just addes an X. Airline codes are sometimes equally interesting. NH, or Nihon Helicopters for ANA.

    I think people need to change their email when they go to University. You need a serious one, not a “” or somethIng like that.


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