The Cherry Blossom Walk to Work

My walk to work is the best!
Especially when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I walk along Kanda River (神田川), which is for the most part aligned with cherry trees. The view is incredible.
It’s a popular spot to enjoy the cherry blossoms but in the morning hours, when everyone is fast walking towards the train station, I get to have these trees to myself (with the occasional dog walker or runner passing by).
Nothing beats cherry blossoms under a blue sky. But my favorite view is actually under the rows of branches leaning toward the river. It feels like a tunnel of cherry blossoms and despite seeing this view every year, it still manages to take my breath away. So beautiful.
It’s no surprise then, that I had to make a mad dash for the office every time. So hard to not take a photo every three steps I take. (Although nothing new.) Oh the joys of walking to work! 😀
Here are some photos:

6 thoughts on “The Cherry Blossom Walk to Work”

  1. Oh. You said it yourself but allow me to add my own, “Breathtaking.”

    You caught these at a sublime, perfect moment.

    It makes me think of the happiest, most auspicious of weddings.


  2. You really know how to wield a camera.

    The gradations of blue in the top photo.

    In the second photo, the silken sheen of the silvered sky blue not where we would expect it to be, in the sky, but reflected dreamily on the flowing river surface.

    Maybe it’s the bottom half of the third photo, the angle of the railing mirrored in the branches just above, the way the blossoms’ focus falls away in a kind of blur there like a veritable shinkansen of cherry blossoms whizzing past.

    The fourth: Like a wave of cherry blossoms crashing on the shore of Kanda River spuming foam of pure sunlight on the right bank.

    The fifth: The silversmith filigree of ground upon which the cherry blossoms emerge.

    Sixth: The darkness of the blossoms at the top seem to shade my eyes from the too-bright lightness. Contrasted with the Eighth: One step back and the brightness lightens our spirits in a joy of being alive.

    Seven: The geen emerging leaves like the first hesitant movements of a hand contemplating raising in a gesture of farewell.

    Nine (a): Far focus. Ten: Near focus.

    Nine (b): Not just reaching out and touching but emerging and becoming one another.

    Eleven: The globes of blossoms in shadow, large and detailed for being nearer, contrasted with the sun-bright backdrop of glowing petals.

    The bottom: Like separate fishers of the sky comparing two completely different catches by opening their nets and casting one on top of the other.


  3. Sacha, I agree completely! Photos of sakura are so difficult to take. I think a lot of it depends on the weather and the color of the sky. I'm still learning myself! 😀


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