The 7 Things I Love About Singapore

So I’m finally sharing photos from my stay in Singapore!

I almost forgot about this trip. Which is ridiculous because I had the best time. After my trip in Melbourne, I had a layover in Singapore. So my friend R and I decided to take a day or two to explore and relax in Singapore before we head back home.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It seemed like the internet leaned toward “boring” when it comes to describing travel in Singapore. But I have to disagree because I had a blast. We didn’t do anything especially exciting, but exploring the streets of Singapore was so much fun for me. So much to see in this little country. I was taking photos at every corner!

Here are some of the things I especially liked about Singapore:

1. The Airport – I’ve always liked airports but when one has unlimited free wifi, a swimming pool, AND a butterfly garden? I was in heaven and actually wished I had more time at the airport. Next time I am definitely trying out their swimming pool.

2. The Architecture – The buildings in Singapore were so beautiful! With many different cultures living amongst each other, it’s inevitable that Singapore would have an abundance of unique architecture, both old and new. It made walking around the city all the more interesting!
3. The Tropical Weather – If humidity is not your thing, you may actually pass out in Singapore. But I am not one of those people and didn’t mind the humidity that came with all the beauty of the tropics. Palm trees, year-round flowers, and best of all…no need to moisturize your skin morning, noon, and night (I’m looking at you, Tokyo)!
4. The Shops and Food – I found a treasure filled bookstore and an amazing cupcake shop on my first morning there! It was hard resisting the urge to buy and eat everything. But I quickly realized that I would need more than a couple of days to see and taste everything I wanted to. In that sense, the shopping and food scene are close to Tokyo with lots of variety!

5. The Transportation – Whether you take a taxi, train, or even a cable car…it was all easy peasy! The taxi drivers were the nicest people ever, giving us suggestions on where to go and answering our questions. So sweet. And there’s also no need to worry about the smell of durian fruits on trains, it is apparently forbidden 😉  
6. The Pool – Because the cool summer messed with my plans to make this year all about swimming, nothing could have made me happier than an outdoor pool! And yes, I truly did swim in it, from one side to the other. I need this swimming pool in my back yard (which is also on my list of things I want)! 
7. The National Museum of Singapore – I didn’t know very much about the history of Singapore, which is why  I was so happy to discover an exhibit about the history of Singapore here. It actually started the day before our visit. Our timing was seriously spot on!

Have you ever been to Singapore? What were your favorite things about Singapore?

7 thoughts on “The 7 Things I Love About Singapore”

  1. I'm afraid of heights but your picture of that famous pool is just…breathtaking! And I'm also one of those people who had a layover in Singapore and failed to enjoy the city as much as I should have. I did leave the airport and stay one night, but I was so tired that all I did was eat some (yummy) food, snap some photos and then hop back on my plane to Japan. After seeing all of the things on this post, I'm totally regretting that decision!


  2. It was a really great pool, not crowded at all and of course the view! You would think that a day or two would be enough to see a tiny country like that but I could have used a few more days myself! ;D


  3. I haven’t been to Singapore yet but I have already started my list. So far the one of my favorite things about Singapore is that it gave rise to this post of yours.

    “Ha,” I thought to myself. We have year-round flowers here too. But the humidity is low and the nights, especially in winter, so cold. Like a few days ago the weather was upper 70ish (25ºC) : tee shirt and barefoot weather. But the night? Subtract 30 degrees fahrenheit for 46 degrees (8ºC). Brrr.

    Thanks for showing us what that pool area looked like from below (just above #2 The Architecture).

    Maybe it was the color but the red Chinese house above that photo reminded me of the one in Paris.

    Thanks for showing us a world I know nothing of.


  4. I think you would love Singapore, too!

    I remember a couple of years ago in LA during fall, it was hot outside under the sun but the minute we were in the shade, it was extremely chilly! Not something that happens in Tokyo too often. I had to remember to bring a light jacket with me everywhere 😀

    I think it's funny how every country I've been to (not too many really) has a Chinatown. It makes new places seem a bit familiar somehow. I wonder if there is one in Paris or it's just that lone building? 🙂


  5. Oooo. Kaya toast. Not much for the runny eggs, unless I had a lot of toast to dip into it.

    My list for Singapore would be similar. Love the airport, but it is hard to get around smoothly. Love the architecture and the humidity. I get tired fast but nothing a quick bottle of water wouldn't help. Also loved the outdoor patios. Tokyo really needs a LOT more of them.

    I still haven't been to Chinatown or Little India in Singapore. Nor have I been to Sentosa. I need to go someday but that won't be for a while. Last time I was happy to just relax.

    PS: You stayed at the Marina Bay Sands? It wasn't expensive?


  6. I'm not a huge fan of raw/runny eggs either (still can't eat TKG) but I had to try it! Not so bad with the bread. The Kaya toast was delicious 😀

    Outdoor patios are starting to become popular in Tokyo, don't you think? A lot of the newer facilities have an abundance of them. Singapore has a really great balance of cool indoor seating and shady outdoor seating. I guess it's easier to have that when you have weather that is pretty much warm all year. I could really live down there.

    Chinatown and Little India were just outside of the business area! I walked all the way around. But we didn't go to the Arab area, which I really wanted to go to. Sentosa, not so much. And you're right, relaxing is the best! (MBS wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be…and we were only in Singapore for two full days!)


  7. I like raw/runny eggs, but not plain. I prefer my Kaya toast to be plain. Always wished I bought some Kaya spread, but it would go bad before I finished it. I just don't eat enough toast in my life. Too lazy.

    I do see the patios getting a bit popular but mostly in the business areas. Not a great place for it. Most of the patios are also near the top floors of the buildings. Not the same. You really can't people watch up there!

    2 full days? As in 2 nights? Either way, you need more time. I do too.


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