The Elephant Slide in Kagurazaka

Taking a break from my travel posts…I thought I’d introduce you to these elephants!
Kagurazaka is a great spot to just wander the streets. On this particular day, I was heading toward Akagi shrine when I heard a screeching noise that could only be a dying crow or a child having tons of fun. It ended up being the latter.
I was curious what was going on so I followed the voices down the narrowest path there ever was and suddenly it opened up into a tiny park in the middle of a residential area. I love how this park feels like a secret, only people who know of it can see the entrance!
Then my eyes fell on these elephants. I also discovered what all the shouting was about. The kids were playing an intricate game of tag on the two elephants, which consists of a long slide (the nose), climbing rocks and pegs (the ears), and a tunnel (again the nose).
Akagi Children’s Park (赤城児童遊園) is a very narrow park and what land it has is a large slope, which this elephant slide utilizes to its full advantage. So creative! These elephants are gigantic and surprisingly not too friendly looking. But I like their droll expressions and more importantly, the kids don’t seem to care at all. The screaming was still going on when I left the park 😀
Aren’t these two elephants darling?

This is a path that leads to the top of the park.
Those tusks!
The slide down is quite long…yes, I somehow slide down but my butt didn’t fit at all!
What do you think of these elephants? x

4 thoughts on “The Elephant Slide in Kagurazaka”

  1. It looks like an adult would have to sit seiza on roller-skates.

    I really love those elephants. You can see the white slide from the air at Google Maps. And it sure is surrounded on all sides by houses.

    I was heartbroken my last time in Tokyo when I saw that a favorite octopus slide in Ebisu from days of my yore was replaced with (yuck) this.

    Hey, Happy New Year!


  2. Isn't it lovely how these elephants are snuggled in between all those houses? I would love to have grown up with that park close by.

    That new (is it still an) octopus is quite pitiful. I know it can be so sad when a childhood park changes! But I guess the new kids won't know what they lost and they will continue on to make new memories there 😉

    Happiest of new years to you as well, Tall Gary!


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