The Trip to Melbourne

So here are just a few (by which I mean, A LOT) of the photos from my days in Melbourne. I am constantly in the same predicament as Miwa…can’t seem to cut back on the photos. I just hope this post doesn’t make your computer or cellphone go into overdrive so that it keels over!
I can’t even begin to tell you how fabulous Melbourne is. Such a beautiful city. It’s the perfect cozy city with an abundance of nature surrounding it. Beautiful spring weather, beautiful buildings, and can I just take a moment to address the beautiful men with beards?Β 
I never realized how tiny the population of men with facial hair is in Tokyo until Melbourne. Maybe because it was the end of the winter season? I don’t know, but there was a lot of facial hair there. And oh do I love a good beard!
Anyways, enough about my new fetish. It’s an amazing city with or without the facial hair!
I think I mentioned that I was in Melbourne to attendΒ my best friend M‘s wedding. I knew she was super busy (who wouldn’t be four days before the wedding?) but she came to pick me up at the airport with her fiance, who I also adore. It felt so surreal being with M in a city that wasn’t Tokyo but I was just so happy to have finally made it there to see her! A chance to see a bit of their city and getting to see their special day in person…really nothing could bring me down!
Did I also mention that I was travelling with my friend R from LA? We had been planning this for months and months and he flew into Melbourne via Sydney on the same day as me. I love when big plans like this come together! So worth all the hours of research (apparently I need to know everything from average monthly temperatures to historical timelines since settlement before I choose a place to stay).
Before this post gets any longer, I’ll just leave you with the photos. xx
Melbourne has coffee shops around every corner…another reason to love this city!
My friends R and M getting to know each other…so happy we could all be here together!
Here is the bride-to-be, as lovely as can be! xx
M showed us around the beautiful city of Melbourne!
The busy Flinders Street Station was the first railway station to be built in Australia.Β 
This is St Paul’s Cathedral, which used to be the tallest building in central Melbourne.
The Yarra River runs through the city and we saw a lot of people on boats and kayaks.
I’ve learned to resist the need to buy everything while travelling but this was one of the harder times.
We were too early for the Melbourne Cup but got to enjoy the promotional festivities!
Free champagne and mini cupcakes? Yes, please! πŸ˜€
Aesop is really popular in Japan now, too. Did you know they are a Melbourne company?
On our second day, we took the train to Brighton Beach!
My luggage was delayed so I didn’t get to swim here but I love the ocean (technically a bay).
Brighton Beach is famous for their colorful bathing boxes!
We did kayaking of our own on Yarra River…it was so much fun!
We stumbled upon a music festival, which we got tickets to. Live music is the best!
We were riding the trains like pros. I appreciate trains that make it hard to get lost.
Founds some stuffed kangaroos at the Queen Victoria Market on our third day!
Everything looked delicious and I don’t even eat sausages.
Wishing I could take some cheese back with me to Tokyo.
Of course, I had to stop in a couple of bookstores in Melbourne!
Melbourne is a very green city, despite all the tram lines criss-crossing the streets.
We saw the amazing graffiti on the walls of Hosier Lane on our way to the reception.
Our last day in Melbourne was spent in the city.
Eureka Skydeck 88 has a great view of the city.
Before I knew it, it was dark outside and time to head to the airport to catch our redeye.
Saying good bye to the fabulous city of Melbourne at Southern Cross Station. xx

11 thoughts on “The Trip to Melbourne”

  1. Gorgeous photos, Kaori!! It doesn't even feel like there are that many because each one is unique. Why don't we just say that there is no such thing as too posting many photos? Let's share away! (Am I secretly trying to cut myself some slack too? Maybe. バレバレ?)

    That night photo of the city from above with the moon on the top right is amazing. It looks like a CD cover or something. It's perfect.

    And congrats to your lovely friend πŸ™‚


  2. You're so right, we should make a pact to always post as many photos as we please! πŸ˜€

    The view of Melbourne at night was pretty amazing. I'm always drawn to the city lights below. I also have a whole post about the wedding coming up, too! x


  3. Cape Town Cape Town Cape Town. Every recent post reminds me of Cape Town Cape Town Cape Town.

    Southern sunshine is good for hair: on faces and on chests. And that's just the women … πŸ˜€


  4. OK seriously now, when I return home, I'm always struck by how … I don't know what word to use … masculine? butch? testosteronish? Anyway, by how different SA men look: tall, big-boned and 3 pm stubble regardless of how closely they shaved that morning.

    Many men don't shave at all. Beards are common, and it's totally OK to have a beard regardless of your profession. It's rather nice. I miss that in Tokyo. 😦


  5. YES!!!!! I've always been a fan but this trip to Melbourne has reminded me how much I love seeing a man with a good beard! I think it's wonderfully masculine…sigh.

    PS: Are all southern hemisphere cities so colorful? I love the buildings!


  6. The beach shacks reminded me of your precious Sow Efrika (I know I mispelt it). Unfortunately, Mebourn is ahead if SA as places I want to visit due to a motorcycle race.


  7. Don't blame your asian genes…my dad is asian and he can grow a beard like a lumber jack in a day or two! And don't get me started on my Okinawan side of the family. Haha.

    But I don't think not having a beard makes you inadequate as a man at all…it brings down your chances of going bald, too! ;D


  8. I'm not your Dad! πŸ˜› The Han Chinese side is very hairless.

    Not growing a beard helps you keep your hair? My hair is pretty short so I don't have to worry too much now. I can go bald and not worry too much. My brother however is not so lucky. Got my Mom's side of the family genes and he can't have hair without showing he is going bald. I think I'm lucky. πŸ˜€


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