The Fireworks in Ichikawa

Did you go to a firework festival this summer?
The annual fireworks at Edo River (江戸川, edo-gawa) is always on the first weekend of August. This firework festival is one of the biggest ones in the greater Tokyo area. 
It’s a little bit confusing because it has two names. Edogawa ward in Tokyo began this annual firework festival along the river in 1976 and they call it the Edogawa-ku Firework Festival (江戸川区花火大会). But then in 1985, Ichikawa city in Chiba, which is right across the river from Edogawa ward, joined in on hosting the firework festival, calling it the Ichikawa Shimin Noryo Firework Festival (市川市民納涼花火大会). So technically it’s the same firework festival with a different name, depending on where you watch it from.  
I know Dru was on the other side but I like watching from the Ichikawa side of the river because you don’t have to save your place during the middle of the night to get a decent spot. Last year, there were approximately 490 thousand people on the Ichikawa side and a whopping 900 thousand people on the Edogawa side.
A lot of people take pride in which side they watch from. I was told by my coworker, who defines himself as a true Edokko (江戸っ子), that someone who was born and raised in Tokyo would never cross over to Chiba to watch the fireworks. But me? I was born in Okinawa and I could really care less about which side I watch it from, so naturally I choose the side that has less people and a larger space.
Like last year, we had a little picnic in the evening before the fireworks. I love festival food, it’s so good! We ate and talked while watching the sun go down, which was beautiful in itself. And when the fireworks finally started with a huge bang, we were ready to be entertained!
Here are some photos:
The festival stalls selling everything from yaki-soba to shaved ice!
A photo in between buying food from the stalls.
It was a beautiful sunny day!
You can never have too much festival food! 
We celebrated my bestie’s birthday with a candle in the jyaga-bata! 😀
Happy 30th birthday to D!
The beautiful sun setting across the river (that’s the Edogawa side of the river).
The festival starts with the traditional 1,000 fireworks in the first 5 seconds!
These are my favorite fireworks, with just one color…simple but stunning!
What a night. Hoping to be here next year, too!

7 thoughts on “The Fireworks in Ichikawa”

  1. I was wondering if you were on the other side again this year. Guess so. 🙂

    Of course you know I was there, with 300 people in my section. We even had an overflow section, but not sure if it was used.

    PS: Don't think I mentioned it, but I barely ate that day. Was starving, and surprisingly not too drunk, when I got home.


  2. Yup. About 100 more than last year.

    I prefer small groups to really get to know people. Big groups, over 50 especially, you really can't do much. Hard to go to a party of over 100 and you don't know anyone. Just can't break into the groups that already exist.

    As for no yatai food, for me it isn't a festival without beer! 😀


  3. I agree, I prefer smaller groups most times, too. Big groups are fun but most times it just ends up being small groups anyways.

    And yes, for you I'm sure the party can never truly start without good beer! What did you have this time? Local beer? 😀


  4. Having a little trouble replying to my old thread post, but here it is. ^^

    For my parties, they never do. Well, after a couple regular beers, it can start. 😉 I did bring some good local beer. Really good ones. Even brought several that I made on my own up in Mito in June. Was great and I shared a lot.


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