The Wedding in Nasu

It was a glorious day in Nasu!
The perfect day for an outdoor wedding ceremony, which is quite rare in Japan. The outdoor weddings, not the perfect day (we have plenty of those!). June brides always run the risk of being rained (or even typhoon-ed) out on their wedding, so you know the gods must have been smiling down on this betrothal.
My friends and I sat on stone benches while we watched the ceremony take place in front of the beautiful green backdrop. The bride and groom looked a little nervous during the ceremony but once we all made our way inside for the reception, the newlyweds looked like they were having a great time! This celebration of love was the perfect way to end our weekend in Nasu!
Here are some photos:

Waiting for the ceremony to start outside…full of komorebi (木洩れ日)!

Pretty excited for the wedding to start 😀
Even the birds were chirping to celebrate their happiness!
Miffy and her man wearing the traditional Japanese kimono welcomed us at the reception.
We had a very enthusiastic speech right before the kampai!
It was almost too pretty to eat…almost.
The cutting of their delicious cake!
During the reception, they changed into different outfits…I loved the blue dress on her!
I didn’t get the bouquet draw…but I did get waffers! 😀
We sneaked into their wedding photos shoot. hehe.
One of the perks of attending a reception is you get to take home flowers when it’s over! Yay!
Heading back to Tokyo!
1859 Takaku-otsu, Nasu-machi Nasu-gun, Tochigi JAPAN
TEL: 028 778 7577

4 thoughts on “The Wedding in Nasu”

  1. What a fabulous wedding!! It was actually my dream to have an outdoor wedding in my backyard in Connecticut, but my parents moved back to Japan before I got engaged. Sigh… I guess it wasn't meant to be. Although my Karuizawa wedding was great, too!

    Congratulations to your friends! You look great 😉


  2. I know what you mean, my image of a wedding is someone's backyard, too! Although when I think about it, I don't know anyone in Japan who actually has a backyard large enough to hold a wedding! Haha. But you actually had a wedding in Karuizawa? That is hands-down better than any backyard wedding you could have had in Japan! I bet it was lovely! ;D


  3. Since this latest post of yours was on August 13th maybe I still have a chance to be on time to wish you a happy birthday. And that komorebi will shine dappled light of love, peace, and happiness on you and yours everlasting. That’s quite a long time. Maybe I should rephrase that: …until half an infinity of eons.


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