The Breakfast by Miyanoura River in Yakushima

I think this quote may be true because I am always quite happy when away on vacations or short breaks, which is usually the only time I eat breakfast (unless pancakes at 2pm can still be considered breakfast). This was especially true on our second day in Yakushima.
Lodge Yaedake Sanso, where we stayed, was located right by Miyanoura River. Our lodge was actually the closest one to the river and our terrace had a great view of both the river and the mountain range. But despite the lovely table and chairs out on our terrace, we ambitiously decided to eat our breakfast down by the river.
We woke up bright and early and headed down to the river with our breakfast, which consisted of instant soup and several types of bread we bought at Hiro Bakery the day before. I especially loved the purple yam and sweet potato bread. So good and filling!
S and I discussed our plan for the day and raved over how good it felt to be outside while eating breakfast. We were at times talking in whispers because everything around us was so calm and quite. It almost felt rude to disturb the stillness.
That didn’t last once we discovered the hammock though! I’m a tiny bit obsessed with hammocks (I would hang one in my apartment if I could) and had to ooh and ahh over it. Then we both had to try it out. And then of course we had to take a picture of us both on it…that was a little tricky as I almost flipped us over! But darn it, if I had known about the hammock the night before, I probably would have slept in it all night!
As much as I would have liked to stay on the hammock, time was ticking. So with a last wistful look at the hammock, we checked-out of our lovely lodge and headed off to our hiking adventure in Shiratani Unsuikyo!
Here are some photos of breakfast:
1877-21 Anbo Yakushima-cho
Kumage-gun, Kagoshima JAPAN
TEL: 0997-46-2888
Hours: 7am-7pm

12 thoughts on “The Breakfast by Miyanoura River in Yakushima”

  1. It was kind of shallow where we were…but it seemed pretty deep closer to the ocean. You could definitely swim there. The water was freezing though! 😀


  2. It might be hard to believe but, you know, this place has a little bit in common with Las Vegas. In Las Vegas you can often see a pair of dice. Here in Yakushima you see paradise.

    It looks so comfortable, relaxing and peaceful. And what a treat those rocks are holding. Just to breath that air and smell the fragrances of forest, trees, ferns, river, bread, wood, hammock would be marvelous. Uncontrollably I am taking deep breaths as I write this but the air here seems stingy, used, confined. I want to breath Yakushima air! Hmm. I guess I feel just like Ru above.I have to go outside and take a walk and get some air molecules that are relishing their freedom more than those in here..


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