The Afternoon at Arms Burger Shop

I completely forgot about these photos!
My high school friend has the cutest dog (seen here before) and sometimes we go to Yoyogi Park to let him roam and run wherever he pleases. We also like to stop by this little burger shop Arms because they allow dogs inside with you. It’s the perfect nook to warm up and relax in.
Here are some photos of the tiny but ferocious (not really) Leo and his people:

2 thoughts on “The Afternoon at Arms Burger Shop”

  1. Whoa, hold on! Are those rice krispy treats?! Yummmm…! I've never seen them in Japan! (Do they even sell Rice Krispies here?) And that burger looks delicious. Definitely gonna try and check that place out!


  2. Yes (they are rice krispy treats!), yes (definitely yum!), and yes (I've never seen them in Japan either!). I don't think we have them there. I was at costco a couple weeks ago with my sister and we found a big bag of marshmallows and we were both talking about how great this would be for making rice krispy treats…and then we we stopped and said, wait do we have them here? Haha.

    Does E like dogs? You can go through Yoyogi park and stop by the dog-run to see the dogs, then walk down the path out the back of the park and cross the street over to the burger shop! 😀


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