The February Link Love

Happy February everyone! Are you ready for the shortest month of the year?

I don’t know if I am but I’m hoping to juggle everything a lot better than I did in January. The flu was making the rounds at work and a lot of us got sick last month, which messed with our heavy work load.

But this was one of the times I was grateful that I work in a typical Japanese company. We work in teams, so even if someone suddenly isn’t able to come into work, we can cover for them so the work doesn’t stall during their absence. It makes missing work a lot less stressful.

 I’m guessing February will be another crazy month. But I’m excited. My office will be in a new location starting this month (need to remember to go to the correct office on Monday morning!). Also, Valentine’s Day is serious business in Japan (as in my male coworkers will be expecting something from us on that day…apparently their status at home depends on it!). But nothing tops the fact that my best friend from college, who currently lives in Melbourne, will be coming to Tokyo for a visit. I can’t wait to see her and her fiance 😀

Will you be doing something for Valentine’s Day? Or anything else exciting planned?

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to see ume (plum) blossoms blooming here and there. Winter is coming to an end…FINALLY!!! I don’t care how itchy my eyes get from the pollen allergies (have I mentioned that they already started itching a few weeks ago?), I can’t WAIT for spring to get here. Longer days, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures…I’m counting down the days!

I hope you all are blessed with good health and have an amazing month in February! x

——————————————————-Link Love——————————————————-

– I love instagram but this reality behind instagram made me laugh out loud…so true sometimes.

Chalk art book covers are amazing.

– Wouldn’t these heart-shaped lemons be great for valentine’s day?

– Speaking of valentine’s day, I think I’m making this and this. Keeping it healthy this year!

– Pippi Longstocking animation film that was never made.

– Will you be watching the Olympics in Sochi? I’ll be following figure skating, ski, and this guy.

Andy Warhol’s exhibition in Roppongi.

7 thoughts on “The February Link Love”

  1. I saw that article about Instagram feeds, too, and it made me laugh 🙂 So true, isn't it? I'm sure we're all guilty of thinking, “Wow, that person is living the life!” after seeing a particularly spectacular photo!


  2. Yes! Instagram is all about presentation…which is great and I love that. But it's a far cry from real life, isn't it? I like to think of it as an art gallery ;D


  3. I'll be enjoying Valentine's on a beach somewhere in the Pacific. 😉

    I also won't be getting chocolates. Haven't worked Valentine's in a couple years and won't be doing so this year either. Oh well. Chocolate isn't always good for me.

    Instagram reality… I think that's my life… 😛

    Olympics? If Canada makes it to the Hockey finals, I must find a bar playing the game. Otherwise I'll be crying that I can't watch it! Only a few more days till the opening ceremonies. Wonder what they'll be like.


  4. I am SO jealous! The beach sounds amazinh right now (especially today) 😀

    This years Olympic games really snuck up on me, I completely forgot it was in February. I need to get a TV before 2020 to keep up with the news. Hope your Canada team makes it to the finals! I hear the Russian team is under a lot of pressure to win!


  5. The Olympics snuck up on me too. Only a couple more days till they start. I'm worried that the Canadian team won't do well because of the conditions there. Bad hotels, terrorism, and so on. It is making the news rounds now. Pretty bad by the look of things. Hopefully they don't feel too bad.

    As for the Russian team, they are under no more pressure than Canada during the last Olympics. ^^ Wait till Tokyo 2020. I fear the Japanese athletes will have too much pressure.


  6. I can't believe how out of touch I am with the Olympics this year because work has been so busy I don't have time to read the news about it! You'll keep me posted if something exciting happens, won't you? ;D

    I did hear something about the Olympic village and their shortage of pillows…it must be so hard to get ready for a large event like that, especially Sochi, which I hear is a kind of a small-scale resort in Russia. I'm hoping our larger tournaments we host in Tokyo will be good practice for us when we host in 2020!

    That's true, I forgot the last winter Olympics was in Canada! But then Putin was not your president…*ehem.* Japanese athletes have pressure where ever they go. If the Nagano Olympics is any indication, I think we do pretty well on our own turf. But you just never know! I personally just love all the drama and amazing stories that come out of the Games. That takes the pressure off me to have to watch all the Japanese athletes go for the win ;D


  7. Ooops. I think I'm not updating you well enough. Sorry. Too busy with holidays. 🙂

    Shortage of pillows? I think that isn't as much of a problem as a shortage of light bulbs and door knobs! I think a lot of that is over now but still, Tokyo is already ready for the event. There are hundreds of hotels and good infrastructure. Sochi is like holding the Olympics in Kagoshima or Naha. Then wasting all the money needed to build things on your friends rather than building enough hotels in a timely manner…

    Canada doesn't have a President. 😛 We have a Queen, Elizabeth the second to be precise. Our real leader is the PM, like Japan.

    Lastly, I was looking for the article but I heard some Japanese people on Twitter were blaming the athletes for a “poor performance” and not winning enough medals. An extreme example was, “they are partying too much in Sochi so they are stealing our tax money for a holiday” or something like that. China is similar in that they must win gold or they failed. Many other countries, they don't care as long as they do their best.


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