The Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Did you know that the famous Hollywood sign was first there as an outdoor ad campaign for a suburban housing development called Hollywoodland?
The history of the Hollywood sign is really interesting.
You can see it from the Griffith Observatory and because it was so close, we decided to take a drive to get a closer look. Of course we had to take the typical tourist shot with the sign in the background đŸ˜€
I was only in LA for the weekend so this was my last day there. R took me to the airport later that night and my flight took off a little past midnight, which it was perfect because I slept most of the way back to Tokyo.
Los Angeles was a beautiful city. I say this about pretty much every city I visit but it’s nonetheless true. I loved the odd weather (a mixture of hot rays and cool breeze), the creativity that seems to be around every corner of the city, and the amazing six-lane highways that everyone drives on.
I’d heard rumors about how awful the traffic in LA was but I think we were lucky and didn’t hit any traffic. Even if we did, I didn’t notice because sitting in the car in LA is kind of like sitting in a cafe in Tokyo, it gives you time to chat about everything from family to life-goals while sipping your coffee. I enjoyed every minute in R’s car and had nothing to complain about.
I think I’m hooked. x

4 thoughts on “The Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles”

  1. It was the perfect day to spend under the sun! I'm glad because I'd brought rain with me all through DC, MI, and Chicago…but finally managed to lose it on my way to LA! đŸ˜€


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