The Sick Days

Being sick really sucks.
I missed work, missed the beautiful weekend weather, missed an improtant meeting for my friend’s wedding party next Saturday, and also missed having my sister over for the weekend. So that made me think that being sick really really sucks.
But then my best friend came over with homemade cream stew and shoga-yu (a ginger drink that warms up your body like no other). We call this O-mi-mai (お見舞い) in Japanese, to visit someone who is not well. And usually in Japan, when you visit someone it’s considered polite to bring something with you.
Needless to say, this cheered me up quite a bit. I’m definitely feeling very lucky that I have such a good friend close by. And even though my runny nose and cough still hasn’t gone away, I’m ready to start the new week at work tomorrow.
With a mask, of course. x

10 thoughts on “The Sick Days”

  1. 御大事に。Get well soon!

    Apart from garlic (nobody seems to take kindly to this “advice”), huge amounts of water and lots and lots of sleep seem to help with colds. It’s too bad you couldn’t bring a doctor’s prescription to work. “My doctor insists that for every two hours I work I must take an hour nap,” would be nice to be able to say to management, wouldn’t it?

    For the cough I used to have pretty good results with this. And, as you can see from the ingredients, it’s mostly natural.

    Hmm. You have inspired me. I’m gonna go make some hot tea with my raw ginger now.


  2. おだいじに.

    I drink tons of water too, if I can. I also drink lots of juice for the vitamins. I prefer apple as it is easier on the throat, but it can make the cold worse. Either way, wash your hands a lot and I hope you don't get sick again.


  3. 有難う御座います!I'd forgotten how a good fever could knock you down for days. But I'm feeling much better now, only coughs and a runny nose to go until I'm back to normal 😀

    And ginger in anything during the winter is good. I put it in everything from hot tea to udon!


  4. ありがとうございます!

    Everyone has been reminding me to drink water. I've been drinking a lot of shogayu because it seems to keep my throat warm and liquidated. I think apples are good, too! My mom used to give us applesauce on yogurt when we were sick in grade school. Yum. I'm still trying to get my regular voice back but I'm feeling much much better 😀


  5. I remember reading you were sick a few weeks ago and thinking, oh no this is the season. But apparently I couldn't avoid it. haha. I'm feeling much better, thank you! x


  6. Yikes. Miss a few posts, pop in to catch up and … you were sick? Sorry to hear that! 😦

    You need to drink more umeshu. Plenty of, err, what? I'm quite sure there must be Vitamin C in umeshu. Yes, that's it. Vitamin C. Plums and all that. So drink more umeshu! ^^

    Glad you're well again!


  7. I've been away from the internet so I'm catching up on everyone's post, too.

    Vitamin C in umeshu? I don't think I've ever heard of this before…buuuut whatever reason to drink umeshu, I'll take it! ;D


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