The Goodbye to Chicago

American breakfasts are so awesome. I can only eat a third of it…but still awesome!
I insisted I don’t eat breakfast but C and T took me out anyways before heading to the airport. Also, T gave me the breakfast-is-the-most-important-meal-of-the-day-Kaori speech. He never changes.
My stay in Chicago was really short but I’m so glad I came. xx

O’hare airport is so quirky.

Good-bye Chicago…I’ll be back. x

10 thoughts on “The Goodbye to Chicago”

  1. My stomach always gets a work-out when I got to the states. I always feel like I should finish everything because it's so good but it's impossible. Thank god for doggie bags 😀

    PS: That picture was technically somewhere over Utah, I think.


  2. Well … it's definitely better than natto! 😀

    Actually I do enjoy natto, but breakfast? Breakfast must be sweet, and coffee is absolutely essential, and any day that starts with bread must be good.


  3. Another natto person? You don't say! I would have to be knocked unconscious or still asleep to ever eat natto 😛

    Coffee…yes. No way you can start a day without it. Or through out the day, really.


  4. I thought I posted a comment here. I guess I did something wrong? Well, here it is again.

    I love American style breakfasts. I grew up on them. Eggs and toast are all I need to get a day started, but now I don't have time. Plus I'm too lazy to clean my kitchen all the time. Last time I went back home, I went to a diner in Seattle and ate TOO much. I had eggs, toast, bacon, a chocolate milkshake, and a pancake. I was so full I didn't need lunch!

    You can see it all at my blog too. If you are ever in Seattle, go to Voula's near the University.


  5. Dru, I keep doing that on other blogger posts, too! I think it's because the “Sign out” button is where the old “Publish” button was…or maybe I'm just confused and end up clicking on “Sign out” all the time!

    Anyways, I'm glad you left your comment again! Seattle is definitely one of the cities I want to go see! Did you grow up there? I'll check out Voula's on your blog 😀


  6. Seattle is nice. I grew up in Vancouver though. Several friends go there all the time for food and shopping. I keep learning new things in that area all the time.


  7. I hope so. Just visit in the summer. It's the best season to go, but it isn't very cheap.

    As for visiting Seattle, you can drive down. Yes, a passport is all you need. You don't even need ESTA or whatever it is called.


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