The Other Day in Chicago

Back in the city of Chicago.
Something about this city just makes me want to go shopping. It’s weird. Maybe it’s associated with all the shopping I did here when I was younger, or all the shopping I did just last year?
Either way, the minute I got back, I went straight to Starbucks to grab a drink (with my name on it!!!) and then ran over to my favorite store, Anthropologie. I literally want to live in this store, it’s so great. They have everything from kitchenware to shoes to books and I love them all. It’s probably a good thing for me that they don’t have this store in Tokyo. Ha.
After my short shopping spree, I met up with my friends T and C and we went shopping for dinner at the local grocery store. It’s sort of become a tradition to buy all the junk food I can’t get in Japan and eat in at their place. It’s the very best because we can talk and talk and talk, all the while petting Remy, their beautiful dog.
I always have so much fun with these two because they feel like family. The kind of family you really wished lived right down the street from you. x
Here are some pictures from that night:

My very first Starbucks cup with my name on it…chocolate chai is amazing!
Some of the buildings in Chicago are massive.
Remy has the cutest curly tail.
I’ve realized that walking the dog is also a great way to see the city!
Everyone takes a picture in front of this spot…as did we.
My aim is so bad when taking selfies but this is us playing tourists!
I love the pretty lights of The Chicago Theatre.
Having fun with Chicago street art.
How pretty is this skyline?

Did you know the name “L” train comes from the fact that it is “elevated?”

Chicago has a bike sharing system called Divvy, just like Amsterdam and New York!

My decadent carrot cake cupcake that I devoured.

So many types of cheese at the grocery store, it made me jealous.

The time flew by while we talked and Remy kept my feet warm by sitting on me. x

2 thoughts on “The Other Day in Chicago”

  1. I am totally loving your travel photos! I've been to Chicago once as the last stop on one of my road trips across the States, but I don't think I had enough time to really enjoy the city. And can I just say… Chocolate chai?! Do they have that in Japan too? That sounds soooo good…!


  2. Thanks, Miwa! Going through all my photos has me wanting to go back again! And I think you'd really enjoy Chicago, too. They have a zoo near a park that I bet E would love 😀

    And yes, I didn't gush over it as much as I wanted to in the post but the chocolate chai tea latte was AMAZING!!!!! So amazing that I got one at the first starbucks store and promptly went to another another one right after shopping to get my second cup! We don't have it here in Japan but if you add mocha syrup (just one pump for me) to the regular chai tea latte, it tastes pretty similar! x


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