The Afternoon in Chicago

Chicago is my city.
It was the nearest large city for me growing up. We would take school trips here to visit museums. My family would camp along Lake Michigan and go to Six Flags Great America every summer. It’s just a city full of old memories for me. And now that I’m older I get to see it from a different point of view and I love it even more.
I get pretty excited about the fact that I know my way around Chicago a little more each time I’m there. I took the metro to my friend’s apartment, then found my way over to where he works all by myself. It felt so good (even though I did have my handy sidekick Google Map) that I almost wished someone would stop me on the street and say “Wow, you seem to know your way around this city!” Kind of crazy…but that’s how proud I was of myself. Haha.
Anyways, my friend T took me out to lunch that afternoon at the Water Tower Place. This is where my girl friends and I would beg our parents to take us in grade school and also where I first saw the classic movie Clueless (remember that one?) in sixth grade. I hadn’t been inside in years but it brought back memories.
We went to Mity Nice and I ordered their amazing veggie burger that is made from a blend of portobello, spinach, pumpkin seeds, parmesan cheese and covered in panko. It was hands down the best veggie burger I’ve ever eaten. Especially with the sweet potato fries on the side. So so good.
We spent our lunch catching up and talking about anything and everything. T and I stepped into kindergarten together and we’ve known each other ever since. He’s like the big brother I never had and has always watched out for me. I still feel like that hasn’t changed, even though we live hundreds of miles apart, and I really love that. xx

Water Tower Place
835 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60611 U.S.A.
Sun: 12:00pm-8:00pm
Mon-Thu: 11:30am-9:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am-9:30pm

This was taken on T’s iphone but I loved it so much, I’m posting it here.
It was a rainy day but it didn’t dampen my day at all.

Architecture in Chicago is one of it’s charms.
The John B. Murphy Memorial Auditorium I ran past on my way back…isn’t it pretty?

2 thoughts on “The Afternoon in Chicago”

  1. Oh, yummy, look at that veggie burger!

    I visited Chicago a few times on business, and I have only good memories, although it was VERY cold. Once I lost (forgot) my passport in a taxi that took me to the airport. The taxi driver remembered which airline counter I wanted to go to, and left my passport at their counter. When I called the airline to change my ticket (after reporting the loss to friendly Chicago police and surly unhelpful suspicious SA consulate staff), the airline said to me, “Oh, did you know you lost your passport? We've got it here!”

    I was flabbergasted.

    Also, Chicago = jazz = happy. It's a great city.


  2. That is the best Chicago-is-a-great-city story! It must have been your karma.

    I've yet to find myself a jazz spot in Chicago but it's on my growing list of to-do, including watching a musical and taking the architectural cruise. I need more days in Chicago next time 😀


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