The Post Vacation

Hello. How are you? I’ve finally come back from my vacation.
My flight came in to Haneda Airport very early this morning and after taking a shower, I went to work like a normal work day. I didn’t have jet lag at all today.
Ever since reading this article about how to beat jet lag, I’ve been experimenting with eating light before the flight and then eating a sturdy breakfast after the flight. It really worked when I went to DC last week. But I usually only get jet lag when I come back home to Japan so we’ll have to see.
Pictures of the trip to come soon! x

4 thoughts on “The Post Vacation”

  1. おかえり☆ Hope you had a great vacation! (Loved your Instagram shots.) I've never heard about eating light before and sturdy afterwards to beat jet lag–gotta try that out next time.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures 😉


  2. ただいまー!I had a really great vacation, although it feels like months ago now that I'm back in the grind here. That jet lag tip worked really well for me, none at all coming back either!

    Heading to your blog to see all your lovely Karuizawa photos! 😀


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