The Weekend with a Lovely Family

I melt every time I see this photo!
Isn’t he adorable? My friends were in town from Kobe this weekend and I loved getting to spend time with the two of them and their gorgeous baby A. He’s grown so much from the last time I saw him! 
So happy that A let me take a picture with him. He’s very shy now. Probably from having everyone ooh and ahh over how sweet he is! The triles of a cute baby, am I right? But he was sweet enough to sit on my lap for me.
Look at his face though! His eyes are quietly saying, what are you making me do, mum! 😀
We went to Din Tai Fung for dinner. I love eating Chinese/Taiwanese food. It’s so good and it looks fabulous all spread out on the table with little plates and tea cups. They were also very child friendly as well. 
After dinner we went back to their hotel, which had a lovely lounge. I got to try a Chocolate Martini for the very first time. Woohoo! It was delicious (and how could it not be…it has chocolate!).
The hotel lobby had this projector showing fireworks and waterfalls on one side of the atrium wall and A was quite fascinated with the little show. I think we all were actually.
We talked for hours, as it always ends up being, and I loved every minute of it. V and D are so much fun to chat with. They really know how to entertain…even when they are the ones visiting! 😀

I had the best weekend catching up with this lovely family and can’t wait to see them all again! x

4 thoughts on “The Weekend with a Lovely Family”

  1. That first photo is utterly adorable, and since that comment comes from an old biddy who's rather sceptical about children in general, it means it's REALLY seriously adorable. Even I succumbed to your combined charm.

    PS: The chocolate martini is worthy of adoration, too. 😀


  2. No one, absolutely no one, can resist the charm of that sweet child! He's going to be such a heart-breaker when he gets older!

    The hotel bar was lovely. They also had umeshu on their menu! ;D


  3. As usual it truly felt like a little holiday! It was so good to see you: chat, laugh, etc. You're brilliant with A. and even though he was a little shy this time, I have no doubt you two will be great pals. 🙂 Thanks for hanging with us!


  4. I was pretty sure I got a wink out of A and that had me sighing for a week after! What a sweetheart. Love seeing you three and already looking forward to the next time! Have a fun summer with your niece! x


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