The Overalls

Today I took the morning off work to go to my monthly doctors appointment…and decided to go shopping before heading back to work!
I have been eyeing these overall shorts at Zara for a while now. They go with anything and I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of overalls. It could be my look this summer.
But when I tried them on today, it was like deja vu…I could swear I had the same pair back in grade school. Well…apparently I did!
I posted the picture above with my suspicion of having the same overalls on facebook and guess what my grade school friend T posted on my wall?
In response to your photo you just posted, you are correct.
You did have the exact one in grade school.
Please see exhibit A below.
(you are in the red if you don’t recognize yourself). 
Oh the good old 90s. Don’t you love how crazy old pictures like this can just pop up on your wall like this on facebook? The overalls, the big tshirts, the socks with Birkenstock look. I love it all because it all reminds me of how much fun we all had growing up together.
Do you sometimes walk down memory lane and get nostalgic over old photos? 😀

3 thoughts on “The Overalls”

  1. I love this look! I've got three pairs of overalls, but since I'm a demure, respectable obachan, they don't have cut-off legs. :p

    I brought very few possessions with me to Japan, but I did bring two shoe boxes full of childhood photos. So … yes, I get nostalgic.

    Now I'm trying to decide whether you looked cuter back then or now. Hmm. I think now.


  2. Awwwww! Another overall fan! I'm still contemplating whether to get the short or the regular ones. Or I can go all out and get both??? ;D


  3. The sentence that stands out to me was the one about the monthly doctor’s appointment. Because they discovered that you are so radiantly healthy that they want to do kindly, non-invasive research on you to find out what makes you such a super-healthy human being, I assume.

    Two photos of the short overalls and none of the long ones. I think short wins the vote!


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