The Season For Nomikai

I have so many posts to put up
but my days have been kind of busy lately.
Mostly with all the good bye and welcome nomikai
with fellow coworkers who got shuffled around in the company.
Including me!
Actually it’s not that big of a move this time
as it was just a structure change so what I do doesn’t change.
So it’s like my team moved to a new department.
But we still got a nomikai because
no one in Japan would pass up a chance to drink.
And to be merry…yay!

4 thoughts on “The Season For Nomikai”

  1. Calpis? Grapefruit?

    I wonder what that guy you are almost pointing at is reading that is cracking up everybody.

    For the longest time after I arrived in Japan I would measure the quality of my life by the number of these kinds of eating-drinking, group get togethers I attended: The most memorable, enjoyable and significant aspects of my life. Come to think about it, this kind of get together has to be just about my fondest memory. Eat, drink and be merry indeed!

    So many of us non-Japanese have the wish to re-create the Japanese izakaya experience in our own countries somehow. But I am sure that wish is futile because it would likely lack that most essential of ingredients: Japanese people!


  2. Not to worry, I've only had a hangover once in my life and that was enough. It's usually difficult to get a hangover from my girly cocktails and umeshu! 😉


  3. That would be nigori umeshu!

    What in interesting comment, Gary. I often have a hard time explaining what exactly a nomikai is. It's different from the bar/restaurant scene in the states. The closest example I can give is that it's intimate like a home party…but not at home.

    You'll just have to make your way back here to enjoy some nomikai time! 😀


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