The Green Striped Flats

Are you wearing green?
I wore my green striped flats today.
Today is St. Patrick’s Day and there were parades to celebrate
in various parts of Japan, including Tokyo, today!
You might wonder why in the world we celebrate
St. Patrick’s Day in Japan.
Well, besides the fact that Japan loves Irish beer,
the Irish have made many contributions to Japan in the past.
I learned from the Irish Embassy website that the first record of
an Irish person setting foot in Japan was way back in 1704.
Also, in 1906 an Irish reverend, who was teaching at Keio Univesity,
brought the sport hockey into Japan by teaching his students how to play.
The Japanese university hockey league currently has
24 men’s teams and 16 women’s teams.
And did you know that the first version of our national anthem
was composed by an Irish bandmaster who trained brass bands by soldiers?
It’s not the national anthem we sing now
but still, that is a pretty big deal.
Oh, and we can’t forget the talented Irish architect
who designed the street plan for Ginza after the fire of 1872.
No wonder the streets of Ginza were so modern!
I really had no idea Japan and Ireland has so many connections.
I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland
to explore their rolling hills and beautiful scenery.
But learning about our history
makes me want to visit even more now!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

The Field of Chocolate

If I ever find a a field of chocolate somewhere
I hope it looks exactly like this!

In addition to this
these pieces of pretty chocolate to display and to eat.
They are covered in dried fruits, nuts, and candied edible flowers.
Nobody combines food with art like she does.

There were so many pieces with different toppings
it was really hard to just choose one.
I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing so much
they gave me two pieces!
It was a beautiful collaboration of delicious food
and really gorgeous clothes made from handmade Khadi.
(I especially liked this! So pretty!)

The Anniversary Event at Kapital

My friend invited me to an event last weekend.
It was an anniversary event for KORA KAPDA
featuring food coordinator Yama Foods and
Satoko Kobiyama had a fabulous display of drinks and food
for everyone to enjoy through sight and taste. 
Flower drinks: Marigold+Orange Flower, Blue Mallow+Lemon, and  Rose+Hibiscus
Four different types of paste: Basil, Hummus, Beets, and Pumpkin
Everyone was eating crackers and veggies with the paste…yum!
It was kind of like picking veggies from a sesame garden.

I had a lot of fun just taking everything in at this event.
Pretty clothes and accessories on display.
Eating and learning about the food.
And of course, best of all…catching up with friends!
No better way to spend the afternoon!

The Lunch Break at the Park

It got so much warmer outside all of a sudden!
No chills when stepping out of the house.
No more winter stockings.
(PS: I was so happy I actually threw them all out!)
(PPS: I may regret it later but it felt good!)
So so wonderful.
Gorgeous days like this call out to me.
I feel the need to go outside and bask under the sunlight.
So…I did!!!
I made a mad dash to Shinjuku Gyoen
during my lunch break one day.
It was GREAT!!!
I love the calm and beauty of this place.
So relaxing under the sun.
You can bet once I got there
I was dragging my feet going back to the office.

Oh and the pink plum blossoms were still in bloom!
They smell really sweet.
Did you know?
I took so much time taking pictures
and sniffing all the blossoms
that I had to make another mad dash across the grass.
Running barefoot felt AMAZING!
Best lunch break ever.

The Garden Tree House

Isn’t this house gorgeous?
I am a lover of anything and everything made of wood
and seeing these trees used as they are here is downright brilliant!

They had to cut down these trees that had
sentimental value to the family when building the house.
So he integrated them into the new house as a structural column.
How lovely and creative is that?
I can’t stop sighing over these gorgeous trees.

The Oz the Great and Powerful

Went to see Oz the Great and Powerful this weekend!
To be honest, this movie wasn’t the best.
But then again, prequels and sequels can be hard to do.
Also, I kind of got motion sickness in some parts.
But I thought the monkey and china doll were really cute.
They both had me laughing out loud!
And hey, James Franco is a hottie.
(except when he smiles…I like him brooding)
So it’s worth watching if you’re into movies like that 😀

If you’re in Japan and have a Docomo cellphone
you can buy tickets online for 800 yen!!!

Well, actually you also need 300 yen for 3D viewing
and another 100 yen is you don’t already have 3D glasses.

But still that’s much cheaper than the regular 1,800 yen!

The Longer Days

The days are getting longer.
I can actually see the remnants of a sunset
when I get off work on time.
Which has been sadly rare in the last month.
We’ve hit our busy season.
And it sucks that I’m missing all the sunsets. 
But on the other hand
work is busy but very satisfying.
Love pushing forward with the team.
Love the rush of working with an impossible schedule.
As spring is upon us
I’ve started to wake up earlier.
I walk to work most mornings basking in the sunlight.
Taking in the signs of spring.
Signs of new life.
And I don’t mind so much that my days are longer.
I’m ready to move.
To make things happen.