The Heidi Stamps

I love writing letters when I can.
And I love sending them with postage stamps.
Especially when I spotted these cute
Heidi stamps the other day.
It’s from the animated TV series
A lot of my friends grew up watching this program.
I watched the reruns with my family, too.
I knew the story of Heidi was from Switzerland.
But here are a few things I did not know about the animation.
This series was made in Japan way back in 1974.
I actually thought it was a
dubbed version of a foreign animation.
But silly me.
I should have known.
It is much too cute to be European.
Hayao Miyazaki, famous for his Studio Ghibli movies,
did the scene design and layout for this animation.
PS: Did you know he lives in Tokorozawa?
This series has 52 episodes.
It apparently wasn’t an instant hit
when it was first broadcast on TV.
But it soon became popular through the reruns.
And it became an international hit as well
being broadcast in over 40 countries.
It’s a really great animation to watch with the whole family.
And after this, I think I’m going to go buy another
sheet of this stamp at the post office!
PS: I grew up watching this version of Heidi.
How about you?

(the ever famous opening theme for the animated TV series)

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