The Some No Komichi

Some No Komichi is an event that showcases the culture of dyeing goods,
which was one of Shinjuku’s largest industries in the Showa period.
And this weekend was a gorgeous day to go see
the lovely kimono cloth being displayed in the “river gallery.”

The station had a huge sign welcoming everyone.

A lot of the shops around Nakai Station had
a special entrance curtain we call Noren,
which were also made with colorfully dyed cloth.

Also another part of this event that I love
is seeing people walking around wearing a kimono.

It kind of takes you back in time for a minute.
(until you notice the iPhone they have in their hand…haha)

I love this little neighborhood
and how this event brings people together.
I talked to so many people while taking pictures.
And you know we don’t talk to strangers easily these days.
But it’s like there was a sense of community in that
we were all there to see the same pretty view of the river.
And that was nice.
Even if you’ll never see them again.
You’ll remember you had a nice chat with someone
by the river at the Some No Komichi event.
And that’s what I love.

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