The Day of Reminiscing

I’ve been looking through my pictures from Okinawa lately.
The last few days have been sort of emotional.
Receiving news of people that have passed away.
It’s so hard to hear news like this.
Then receiving news of a new baby girl joining our world.
And news of a friend who just got married to her love.
It’s always a joy to hear news like this.
I’ve been looking through my pictures of Okinawa
both before and after my grandpa passed away.
I have such great memories with him.
Even though we lived apart.
Across an ocean even.
It made the time we had together all the more special.
And I feel blessed to have had that time with him.
I guess all the recent news and the reminiscing has
reminded me not to take life for granted.
Life is precious.

2 thoughts on “The Day of Reminiscing”

  1. I relate to being emotional from blasts of bad news. I was happy to see the end of the Year of the Dragon… with the silly hope of ending the string of sad news about good friends with terminal illnesses. Sorry to hear you lost your grandpa, too, Kaori.

    Nice to hear from you, though. About your last comment: there are no beaches in this landlocked nation… πŸ˜€ But Odessa on the Black Sea is only a four-hour drive away and we plan to go soon.

    Yes, am busy, but good busy… and enjoying it!

    Hugs to you!


  2. I do love how a new year brings new hope for a better year. Wishing you a wonderful year of the snake!

    Also…I think I was confusing the Maldives with where you are now! haha. I'm glad you're enjoying your time there. Can't wait to hear about it! πŸ˜€


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