The Reunion of Friends

Odaiba is always a fun place to be.
More so this weekend because
Dimitri and Vanessa were visiting from Kobe.
And it was wonderful catching up with everyone!
The highlight of my weekend?
I finally got to meet handsome little Alex!
And oh what a charmer he was!
Vanessa and Dimitri were both nice enough
to let me hog Alex for for the afternoon.
Baby cuteness overload!!!
There is really nothing like the joy of seeing
a sweet little baby sleep in your arms 🙂

Getting to spend time with friends you don’t often see
is so wonderful, the time just flies by.

Speaking of time.

I’d almost forgotten but I got to know Vanessa and Dimitri
when they were working on their Project Biwa charity bike marathon
in support of the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami relief.

They also made a book Japan: lake Biwa
filled with photos taken during their bike marathon.

(It’s a gorgeous photography book!)
It seems like just yesterday
but now they are a jolly family of three!
Oh how time flies.
But I’m so glad we’ve been able to keep in touch.
Can’t wait till the next time we meet!
PS: I forgot to mention our mutual love of Starbucks! xx

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