The Next Holiday

Is it too early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day?
I know a lot of people don’t like this holiday
because of the commercial hype.
But I like it.
I even kind of love it.
One of the reasons is because
the men at work really look forward to
getting a Valentine’s Day gift.
Oh yeah, in Japan the girls give something
to the guys on Valentine’s Day.
(We have another day for the guys to give back to girls…White Day)
I used to bake cookies and cupcakes
because I had so many people I needed to give to at work
and I was totally broke so it was cheaper to bake.
But then last year,
there were more girls in my section
and since we could all split the cost for chocolate
I bought my coworkers Pierre Marcolini chocolate.
And I thought they would be happy to get good chocolate, right?
I actually got complaints!!!
They were like
Homemade cookies are much more heartfelt and
Where’s the effort in buying chocolate?

Well, I’ll tell you my effort!
I waited in line for 30 min to buy that
chocolate on the day before Valentine’s Day.
(Most chaotic day in the sweets section…never again.)
But it was also kind of nice that they liked my baking.
Which means I need to make something
better than what I made in 2011.
What do you think of these recipes?

4 thoughts on “The Next Holiday”

  1. They look absolutely gorgeous and if, any of the men at your workplace do start to whinge about the chocs you give out this year, let me slap them hard……They're way too lucky to receive sweets from you 😀 !!


  2. Haha! You're so sweet, Mariko! Our men are so silly sometimes. But apparently the fact that they get something homemade for valentines is a big thing. Ouchi de otosan no kabu ga agaru rashii ;D


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