The Aiport

We went to see my baby sister off at the airport.
Thank goodness this was Japan.
We don’t really go home for Christmas
so it wasn’t crowded at all.
Not that I really care.
I LOVE airports.
And even though there’s barely any holiday traffic
we actually DO decorate for Christmas!!!

At first I thought the owls were creepy but
after a while they sort of grow on you.
Kind of like a Harry Potter themed tree.
Aren’t they weird?
Anyways, Lisa Naomi got through security
and gave us a quick wave and headed down to her gate.
She’s such a grown up.
I loved having her stay at my place for a week.
I’ll miss having her as a roommate.
But at least I’ll see her at the end of the month again!
Can’t wait 🙂 

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