The Classic Holiday Song

I just realized how weird it is that I haven’t been
listening to any holiday music this year.
Tis the season for holiday music and you know,
this is the only time of year you can enjoy it without being super creepy.
I guess it could be that
I’m not exactly in the festive mood this year.
I have holiday music in my play list. Just not playing it.
But I don’t want to regret not listening to holiday music.
I mean, how creepy would it be if I
suddenly started craving holiday music next spring?

All because I didn’t listen to it in December.

So I’m going to post one of my absolute favorite holidays songs.

To get me back into the groove.
You can sing, dance, and have a party to this classic song.
(Totally makes me want to see Home Alone again. Another classic.)

And THEN…I found this.
I thought it was pretty awesome.
Gotta start bopping to the holiday tunes!

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