The Good Bye in Michigan

Woke up bright and early to see
sweet Stella playing with my cellphone.
Look at her cute pj’s!
Lily had to go to school so
we took a group picture on the porch swing
before she had to go.
Lily gave me a hug before leaving
because I wouldn’t see her when she came back.

But Stella decided she wanted to hug me, too.
This is her running back to the car after
giving me that hug.

How cute are these girls?

As for Tennyson and I
we headed over to Apple Valley
so I could get my bag of oats.
Oats are so expensive in Japan.
Probably because people don’t really eat oats.
Anyways, the oats were so cheap
I ended up getting a 10 pound bag!
Can’t wait to make oatmeal at home this winter.
We had breakfast with Katrina and her girls.
Danelle makes the best breakfasts!
(Can’t believe I forgot to take a picture!)
And then all too soon
it was time for us to head back to Chicago.
So sad.
And I vowed right then and there to come back
and spend a longer time in Michigan next time I come!
Loved hanging out with Danelle and her family.
Thanks so much for having me!

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